Already, over 200 Companies in India have found the benefits of using Invert Syrup over other traditional sweeteners "Its time for you to Explore." Invert Sugar Syrup is more beneficial to all Industries using sweeteners, like Food, Pharmaceutical, Distillery, Tobacco, etc., because of its functionally more desirable & stable properties. Invert Sugar Syrup is ready to use- its biggest benefit is that is cuts down on Production Time & Production Costs. It not only saves on Labour, Capital Costs but in some cases actually enhances Production Capacities.


Pharmacetutical Industries
  • High Solubility of Invert Sugar Syrup enables easy mixing and it can be used even for higher concentrations.
  • Invert Sugar Syrup being visocus, quantity of glycerin, sorbitol or liquid glucose can be considerably reduced.
  • I.V. manufactures can use Invert Sugar Syrup in place of Dextrose to make I.V.’s more health-friendly by easy metabolism and assimilation
  • Ph of Inverted Syrup is around 4.5 making it ideal & Less Acidic for Formulations as per Food & Chemicals Codex.
  • Specifications of your Products can be maintained over a long duration which otherwise may very with using different Crystal
  • Sugars/Sweeteners where refining reagents are used.
  • Saltish taste of Cough syrup is masked.


In General use and bakery industry
  • Ideal for Pediatric syrups as it provides instant energy and Natural Sweetness.
  • Has a High inversion and Low Ash content which is suitable for Food and Bakery Industry.
  • It Lowers Baking temperature and provides for Faster Baking.
  • Enhances Flavors in the Products whether Natural Flavors or Artificial Flavors used.
  • Gives Rapid Richer Crust color.
  • Reduces Breakages in Biscuits and Breads etc.
  • It tenderizes and help retain moisture, prolongs freshness and improves shelf life of bakery products like buns, cakes, bread etc.


Benefits in beverage and distillery industry
  • Since Invert Sugar is Ready to use in the formulation, consistency in production can be achieved.
  • Glucose give easily instant energy to the body, therefore is ideal for energy drinks.
  • It enhances the natural tastes of flavors. Upto 15% Less flavor consumption can be achieved with use of Invert Syrup.
  • A Versatile Product Range can be produced, without increasing on Inventory Costs.
  • Since Invert sugar has lower water activity than that of sucrose, it provides more powerful preserving qualities than Sucrose.
  • Provides uniform quality.


For Honey replacement
  • Invert Sugar can be used for bee feeding and can be blended with honey chemically and physically making it more suitable for blending in the products.
  • It can be replaced with Honey or other viscous materials in Herbal Cosmetics, since it restricts Bacterial activity.


Benefits In Tabacco Industry
  • It acts as Humectant in cigarettes & enhances flavor.
  • Used for Tobacco binding.
  • It is used in Pan Chutneys to prevent crystallisation.