'Invert Sugar Syrup' or 'Invert Syrup' as it is commonly known; is an equimolecular ratio of Glucose and Fructose in Aqueous Form. The Product is made from Cane Sugar or Cane Juice. The term "Invert" originates from the effect on the polarimeter instrument traditionally used to analyze Sucrose solutions. Compared to Pure Sucrose, a mixture of glucose and fructose "Inverts" the plane of polarized light and because of this the product is widely known as "Invert Syrup".

The sweetness Intensity profiles of Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose are different. While Sucrose has a lingering taste, the sweetness intensity of Fructose reches its peak relatively in short period and diminishes quickly. Because of this property of the fructose sweetness, Invert Syrup helps enhancing other flavors in the products.