Authentic In Taste, First In Quality. Our Flavor Concentrates and Extracts Are The Top Choice In The Industry

Based on the latest market insights and trends from around the globe, our flavored concentrates help you create delicious, trend-setting products that meet the fast-changing consumer marketplace.

Manufacturers face a variety of challenges in meeting market demand across sweetners and flavours categories, with consumers seeking premium, indulgent and exotic flavors while also preferring convenient and healthier variations. Offering a wide variety of the latest in trending flavors and classic favorites, we are in tune with your product needs. 


Our flavor solutions include: 
  • Sweet flavors: including sweet browns, citrus, berries, tropical and other fruits and creamy caramels.
  • Vanilla extracts: from beany tones to impactful creamy profiles, our vanilla flavoring expertise is supported by many years of experience.
  • Sharbat flavors: We manufacture healthy and fantastic drinks in a variety of flavours.