Caramel colors are among the most widely used food ingrediants, which work as an emulsifying agent as well as a colorant. They are one of the most versatile and stable colors. The unique properties of this color make it a preffered choice in many of today's food products. Our years of experience in this industry has made us capable to guide our clients in selecting the correct caramel color for their formulation.

» Color Range

In the global market, we are known for our superior quality caramel color that gives comprehensive range of end colors to ones foods. The color which we provide range from light yellow to redish brown and to the darkest brown. Though we provide these colors, but the result always depends on the usage level of the caramel color.

» Storage

One of the most important features of the caramel color is that it is easy to handle and store because of its inherent chemical properties. The chemical composition of the caramel color is such that it retains its microbiological stability for longer periods provided it is stored in proper packings.

» Cost Effectiveness

Being the most versatile food ingredients and colorants, caramel colors are considered to be the most economical alternatives as compared to almost any other natural or artificial color and additives for the food & beverages industry. Because of its low application levels, it is cost benefit also. 

» Our Caramel Product Range

(1) Liquid Burnt Sugar

(2) Plain Caramel / Caramel Type - 1/ Caustic Caramel / E150a

(3) Caramel Type - II / Sulphite Caramel / E150b

(4) Caramel Type - III / Ammonia Caramel / E150c

(5) Caramel Type - IV / Ammonia Sulphite Caramel / E150d

(6) Caramel Type - IV Double Strength / E150d - DS


Burnt Sugar Syrup:

Burnt sugar is a light to dark brown liquid or powder obtained from the controlled heating of sugars used primarily for flavoring and/or sweetening with incidental colour. Consumers in many regions continue to demand natural foods. In response, food and beverage manufacturers are formulating with simple, clean label options - including "Burnt Sugar" and "Colour: Plain Caramel."

Applications include baked goods, breakfast cereals, dessert toppings, sauces, seasonings, coffee drinks, confectionery products, and pet foods.


Caramel Colour Type - I/ Plain Caramel Colour :

Class I (or Plain) Caramel Colour has a few different benefits:

  • No sulfites
  • No ammonium compounds
  • Not stable pH < 3.0
  • Colloidal charge: slightly negative
  • Uses: high proof alcohol ( < 70% )