We use Initial Enzymatic (Biotechnology Process) to manufacture Invert Syrup. This Tecnology was improved & value added by our scientists and technical team after years of research and development. This resulted in the inception of "CCT" (COMBINED CYCLETECHNOLOGY). Combined Cycle Technology uses enzyme cum resin for production and inversion of Invert Syrup. Invert Syrup is also commonly known as High Fructose Syrup.

The Invert Syrup thus produced is much better and superior in quality as compared to other traditional production processes. And this is one of the best known process for manufacturing invert sugar syrup, because it has attributes which no other process can match, namely

  • No yeast formation
  • Free from acids
  • No use of plaster of Paris (pop)

And the final product ..

  • has lowest ash content
  • is of constant colour and aroma
  • is self-preservative
  • is non carcinogenic and low on calories
  • is free from any chemical additives
  • is highly soluble than sugar